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Customized Tailor-Made-Acoustic-Panels to meet customers' requirement which can be realized from Qdboss. As one of China Tailor-Made-Acoustic-Panels manufacturers and China Tailor-Made-Acoustic-Panels suppliers, our factory passed CE certification so you don't worry about the quality and can buy discount products with confidence. You can also wholesale and buy discount the bulk of products with low price or cheap quotation. If you want to buy, we can give you price list.
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Özel Akustik Paneller

Özel Akustik Paneller

Özel akustik paneller polyester elyaf paneldir, polyester elyaf dekoratif ses emici panel olarak da adlandırılır, yanmaz, mikro gözenekli işlem görmüş özel polyester elyaftan yapılmıştır.

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